Today was my enlightment day

It made BAAAAAM the whole day, when I read certain posts about how the travel blogs work and make their money.


AND ALL the bloggers (except one blog, which I forgot now..sthg like d… or similar…) will hide the truth from you, they want to keep you plain simple said STUPID. These a **holes!!! YES.

Now I know how blogging works…

Its not that you need first a blog and then the people come…(although you can also buy them). Its also not that you choose your destination and write about in veeeeery exact details. No, its not about that. It´s about first finding your sponsor and then he will pay for your expenses like plane ticket, accomodation and so on. And then you write about. But these writers never mention how they make their cash. I can count all travel bloggers here, except above mentioned d… blog.

I was really years wondering how in the heck these people are on the road for years and still look showered (at least twice per week).

Now its christal clear. They have a sponsor. The sponsors are mostly big agencies, magazines or whatever big ones.

Other bloggers will never get until they read this post. Where to find sponsors? On fairs, madame, sir.

So, I went to 44 countries and never wrote about, simply I did not see a reason why to write about…

Now, with a potential sponsor in the back, I could start doing it, without to be an affiliate for an MLM program or for my business or whatever reason.


Arrrgghh and these bloggers even sell crap books on their blogs how to make money with adsense shit, which doesnt work or creepy ebooks which do for only pennys….but they never write in their “how ot make money with a travel blog” that you need a sponsor for your travels. To all these false bloggers out there: F*** O** BIG TIME!!!


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