A friend got banned on vimeo and google play. Be careful with them!!!!

He received 1 warning, bec he uploaded a biz video on

a free acc and this is not allowed.

And he did not delete his videos, so he got banned.#On other platforms of video, you can upload everything. So simply ignore shity site vimeo.

Also be careful with google play, where you can upload apps. In case there is an app which they dont like they delete your entire account without warning. So, build your own platform. And give a shit on vimeo and google play. Sooner or later they are out of business with this kind of attitude.

Please share this with your followers. And support small entrepreneurs and warn them what sites better not to use!

PS: Learn how to found and lead a location independent business

which you can run from everyhwere worldwide and join

my inner circle community.


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