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I got inspired by a Japan visitor

I got inspired by this lady to write about my Geisha encounter in Kyoto/Japan.

I rented a small hostel dorm bed in Gion and went on to walk around. Everywhere are women who wait to offer massages for 10000 yen up.

I walked on and came near to a wellknown zen temple (I dont remember the name now) and there are many many Geishas around. Its rare to speak with them at the street and you only can rent them through middle-men. 

I spoke with one women and she gave me her card with the name of her middle-man.

2 days later I called this man and he invited me to his restaurant in Gion. Over there I expressed my wish to send some time with a Geisha.

He showed me some of his Geishas and I choosed the one who appeared for me most entertaining.

He told me the price of 100000 Yen and I agreed.

He told me to come to his restaurant 3 days later to meet her.

I thanked him, drinked some Sake with him and went out.

3 days later I visited the restaurant at the combined time and the woman

was already waiting for me. 

She introduced herself and asked for my name. Then she took me to a room. We sat down and ordered sake. She started to play guitar and danced around me. Then she explained a game to me. We played – I dont remember the name of the game (it was with black and white balls and I have seen it before in China).

We were drunken from the sake bottle. I ordered some green macha tea for her and for me oolong tea, which is one of my favourites. She then said after some more laughs and stories about some of the clients, that she needs to go and I should pay.

Well, we left the room and I paid. She then said: “let´s meet tomorrow again at the same time here.” “Oh well, ok.”, I replyed. “How much is that?, I asked. She did not answer.

We huged eachother and walked our ways.

At the next evening I arrived first and she was looking more beautieful than the evening before. We walked again in the room and orderd macha twice, one for me and one for her.

Now she dressed her dress off and darkend the room. She pulled a candle out of her kimono and lightend it. Romantic ambiente, I thought.

She whispered in my ear, if I want to see her naked I have to pay her now 150000 Yen.

Oops. I loved the warm air out of her mouth on my ear and altough I came not for sex I wanted that she craved for more and said “I think about”. She dressed off her her whole upperpartof clothes and her sweet small breasts were beside my head. She whispered again: “Please let us fall for eachother this night”. This sounded so sweet and I felt so awesome that I said to her “repeat please”. She whispered it again and my leg- and armhairs were standing straight up (what else?).

Then I jumped off and said I have an encounter and have to leave.

She was so suprised; she run to the door and placed herself there, so that Icould not go out. “Pay me 5000 Yen for the tea”. Ok, I gave the cash and smiled and went away.

Oh, nice.


Today was my enlightment day

It made BAAAAAM the whole day, when I read certain posts about how the travel blogs work and make their money.


AND ALL the bloggers (except one blog, which I forgot now..sthg like d… or similar…) will hide the truth from you, they want to keep you plain simple said STUPID. These a **holes!!! YES.

Now I know how blogging works…

Its not that you need first a blog and then the people come…(although you can also buy them). Its also not that you choose your destination and write about in veeeeery exact details. No, its not about that. It´s about first finding your sponsor and then he will pay for your expenses like plane ticket, accomodation and so on. And then you write about. But these writers never mention how they make their cash. I can count all travel bloggers here, except above mentioned d… blog.

I was really years wondering how in the heck these people are on the road for years and still look showered (at least twice per week).

Now its christal clear. They have a sponsor. The sponsors are mostly big agencies, magazines or whatever big ones.

Other bloggers will never get until they read this post. Where to find sponsors? On fairs, madame, sir.

So, I went to 44 countries and never wrote about, simply I did not see a reason why to write about…

Now, with a potential sponsor in the back, I could start doing it, without to be an affiliate for an MLM program or for my business or whatever reason.


Arrrgghh and these bloggers even sell crap books on their blogs how to make money with adsense shit, which doesnt work or creepy ebooks which do for only pennys….but they never write in their “how ot make money with a travel blog” that you need a sponsor for your travels. To all these false bloggers out there: F*** O** BIG TIME!!!



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